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Battery Maintenance and Restoration

1. Battery capacity tester 
EMC certificate
ELS certificate
Battery capacity tester SKAT-T is intended for rapid performance check-out of valve regulated lead-acid batteries (also regular type) with nominal voltage 12 V.

Price $55 per Unit!

- Wide battery capacity range for testing — from 1 to 120 Ah.
- Short test duration — 15 sec.
- Data display illumination
- Fully automatic
- Easy application

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2. SKAT BB balancer
SKAT BB balancer of lead-acid batteries is for efficiency increasing and extending of the battery life. Using for 2 batteries from 26 to 120 Ah. Automatic balancing of the battery terminals voltage, microprocessing control. Protect batteries against deep discharging, overcharging, sulfating. Increases battery service life by 2 times.

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3. SKAT-UTTV for test, training, recovery and charging of lead-acid batteries
Fully automatic equipment for test, training, recovery and charging of lead-acid batteries - sealed and open type. Charge the battery with a charging current of 1/20 of residual capacity. Fast charge the battery with the charge current of 1/6 of the residual capacity. Restoring the battery with sulfation plates. Train battery via the discharge / charge cycles. Digital display. Works with batteries up to 120 Ah.

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