BASTION — the Russian research and manufacture engaged in the development and production of professional uninterruptible power supplies

SKAT — professional uninterruptible power supplies provide high quality power for CCTV (4, 8, 16, 24, 32 camcorders) of over 20 models are incorporated into the equipment under «Safe City» program throughout Russia.
Undisturbed CCTV operation when an electric main is failure, both by reason of damages, and in case of intrusion.

Over 40 models!

Price up to $1 per 3 VA!

1. PSU AC/DC series:
- Input voltage: 150—250 V, 50—60 Hz.
- Output voltage (adjustable): 11—17 VDC.
- Output power: up to 200 VA.
- Full battery control: 1,2—250 AH

Metal housing

SKAT-V.32 connected

Rack housing
SKAT-V.32 Rack connected
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2. PSU AC/AC series:
- Input voltage: 150—250 V, 50—60 Hz.
- Output voltage: 230V, 50—60 Hz
- Output power: up to 10000 VA.
- Full battery control: 7—250 AH

IP56 Plastic housing
SKAT-V.24/220AC Outdoor version

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3. Voltage Changer Board DC/DC series:
- Input voltage: 10—75 V, VDC.
- Output voltage: 3—30 VDC.
- Output power: up to 100 VA.

 Open frame:
 IP56 Plastic housing:

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