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GSM Controller

GSM Controller

Controller TEPLOCOM GSM is intended for control of Water leak, Heating and Electrical systems by mobile phone.

Price $55 per Unit!

Monitoring by SMS:
- AC network available (failed)
- Water is under leak detector
- Room air temperature
- Heating radiator temperature
Controlling by SMS:
- Change the thresholds for temperature
- Request a SIM card balance
- On/Off the boiler or other equipment
Android-application allows you to control the heating system and setting the controller

Easy installation! 5 min is enough! It can make by any user!
- Insert the SIM card
- Connect the external temperature sensor and leak detector
- Connect the power adapter and plug it in  
No need setting up! Simply call from your phone to the GSM controller number!  
The similar devises of other manufactures take 2—5 hours for installation and setting up!

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