BASTION — the Russian research and manufacture engaged in the development and production of professional uninterruptible power supplies

Professional Battery backed PSU provide high quality power to Fire & Burglary Alarm Systems, Access Control, CCTV, etc.

Over 80 models!

Price up to $1 per 5 VA!

1. PSU AC/DC series:
- Input voltage: 150—250 V, 50-60 Hz.
- Output voltage: 3—60 VDC.
- Output power: up to 1200 VA.
- Full battery control: 1,2—250 AH

 Plastic housing:

Metal housing:
Metal housing-transformer:

DIN plastic housing:

 RLPS (Remote Load Power System).
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2. PSU AC/AC series:  
- Input voltage: 150—250 V, 50—60 Hz.
- Output voltage: 230V, 50—60 Hz
- Output power: up to 10000 VA.
- Full battery control: 1.2—250 AH 

Standard housing:
Rack housing:

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3. Voltage Changer Board DC/DC series:
- Input voltage: 10—75 V, VDC.
- Output voltage: 3—30 VDC.
- Output power: up to 100 VA.

 Open frame:
 IP56 Plastic housing:

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