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Voltage Surge Protection

Voltage Surge Protection

Voltage surge protection Albatross series:

One of the most common reasons of failures or malfunctions of expensive household electric appliances is voltage surge.

Low supply voltage is dangerous for refrigerators, pumps and any engines. In most cases this is the primary reason of their breakdown.
High voltage causes a burn-out of plugged appliances even if they are switched-off. There are many reasons but only one result: burned-out expensive equipment and often a real disaster — fire.

Standard fuses or automatic breakers in an entrance board won't protect from an overvoltage, they are designed for over current rather than for overvoltage.

Over 10 models (Including in weatherproof cases)!

Price up to $1 per 150VA!

AC/AC, DC/DC, DC/AC series
- Input voltage: 230VAC, 12/24VDC,  
- Output voltage: 230VAC, 12/24VDC, 24VAC,   
- Output power: up to 12345VA.
For heating systems (gas heating boilers and pumps)  

For office and home systems (computers, office equipment, lights, refrigerators, wall split air conditioners, dish washing machines, microwave etc.

Plastic housing:

DIN Plastic housing:
IP56 Plastic housing:

Metal housing:

Open frame:
Open frame:


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